Today I’m excited and proud to share my newest addition to the shop! I have been planning this bouquet and boutonniere set for several months, but had to wait until I was able to gather just the right materials. I finally did — allowing me to bring this much loved vision to life!
The journey began when I happened to find just the right creamy ivory dahlias. Although they are a popular choice, quality dahlias can be a little hard to come by. These were an exception — the delicate petals and variety of sizes lends a wonderfully natural quality to these silk flowers.The next pieces of the puzzle were the blue thistle and vanilla colored English garden roses. The saturated color of the navy thistle brought just the right depth of color while the densely petaled roses added softness and luxury. An addition of some always chic hydrangea brought fullness to the bouquet. Soft dusty miller leaves contributed another layer of color and lacy skimmia sprays heightened the texture. The finishing touch was the soft blue-grey delphinium that bonded this suite of blooms with remarkable ease. To contrast against this mixture of pastel colored flowers, I chose a natural tan burlap for the stem wrap.
This soft yet substantial, rustic yet refined arrangement would be ideal for a spring or summer wedding — or an event by the sea any time of the year.
And I think this is my favorite one yet.Introducing the “Lovely” Bouquet

and it’s charming companion boutonniere.
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I love that bouquets are trending towards cascading or free-flowing bohemian shapes this year. When deciding to add a new design to the shop, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and stray from the classic round shape. I started with ruffled French tulips in a soft lavender color and accented the blooms with deeper violet colored freesia and hydrangea. While I liked the varied purple tones, I still felt the bouquet needed another vibrant color in order to really make a statement. The minute I placed a few hot pink ranunculus flowers into the mix, the entire bouquet seemed to come alive! A few green rose hip berries and feather-like spike ferns added shape and dimension. I deviated from the traditional ivory stem wrap and decided on a bold magenta color. A band of pretty lace at the base seemed like the perfect finishing touch. Introducing the “Radiance” bouquet and boutonniere set. I can’t wait to see which lucky couple get to carry these beauties on their big day!
 Just look at those colors! Bold and memorable!
Just as beautiful from the back.
A boutonniere any groom will be proud to wear!
I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a little insight into the design process for these arrangements.
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Something that I’ve felt has been missing from my collection are centerpieces. Certainly not for lack of ideas or desire, but actually because there is so much to consider when designing them. There are the obvious elements such as type of flower, color, and style. But in addition, since many of my clients are ordering from other parts of the world, it is also very important to think about shipping the bouquets. The size, weight, and fragility of a centerpiece all need to be taken into account. I want to make sure that the arrangement arrives in the same condition it was when I made it and that the cost to ship is reasonable as well.
The design of my new tabletop arrangements took a bit of extra time to settle on but it was well worth the work. The life-like silk roses and hydrangea are available in a variety of colors (that’s 6 rose colors and 22 hydrangea colors to be exact) which can be selected to suit practically any color palette. The classic round shape keeps the bouquet modern and elegant. The container is crafted from natural burlap and pretty lace giving it a lovely vintage appeal. Plus, these beauties have a foam core, so that they remain lightweight and are not fragile. I would say that ticks all the boxes!
Introducing the Beloved Centerpieces
These centerpieces would work perfectly for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays — any celebration. Your guests will love to take them home as a memento of the day. The biggest decisions you’ll have to make will be what color combination to choose…and whom to seat at which table!
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Blushing Beauty

One of the best aspects of being a designer is having the opportunity to work closely with my clients. It is always rewarding to customize arrangements to achieve a truly personal piece for the recipient.
Recently, I was asked to make some adjustments to the Blushing Bouquet and Boutonniere. The bride envisioned the addition of some flowers that were special to her and she hoped to coordinate the stem wrap with her wedding dress. After discussing some different options, we made a plan for the changes and the result was terrific! The addition of freesia and ranunculus buds brought new life to the bouquet shape and the elegant stem wrap of ivory lace over blush pink satin was the perfect finishing touch.
We also toned the boutonniere down to a more neutral color palette that would be more suited to the groom’s style.
Just a few changes has created a completely new look that I am proud to say was a true collaboration.
I hope this inspires you to bring all of your ideas to the table when ordering your wedding flowers. The possibilities are endless!!
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10 Reasons to Consider Silk Wedding Flowers

1. Silks Are a Wonderful Keepsake
Any newlywed will tell you that after all of the waiting and planning, the wedding day inevitably comes and goes far too quickly. Why not add your bouquet or boutonniere to the list of keepsakes you will have from this important day in your life? You, your attendants, and relatives can proudly display the floral arrangements at home for years to come. Perhaps you would even like to pass them along to your children someday.
2. They Look Perfect All Day Long (and for years to come)
 Part of the beauty of fresh flowers is that they are delicate. For that very same reason, fresh flowers just don’t hold up as well as we would like them to. That is why artificial flowers are an ideal alternative. No matter how hot or cold the wedding day temperatures get, silk flowers will not wilt or freeze (yes, freeze). They will not droop because they lack water. Artificial flowers won’t loose their petals. Their stems won’t break. They won’t shift around in the arrangement — which is something tulips are infamous for. (Tulips love light and even after they have been cut, their stems continue to grow and stretch.) Silk flowers can handle the stresses of the day beautifully and won’t look any worse for the wear. They will look as brilliant at the end of the night as they did the first moment you looked at them.
3. Photo Shoots
 Many couples opt to have a photography session before the wedding day to save some time on the big day. Others like to get a preview of how all of the details will come together. Instead of taking the photos without your flowers or purchasing an additional bouquet or boutonniere, why not try silk flowers? You can order them well in advance and have the very same flowers in your pre-wedding photos and wedding day photos alike.
4.  No Allergies
If you suffer from allergies, the idea of carrying fresh cut flowers on your wedding day is probably not that appealing. It goes without saying that you and your guests can avoid the extra burst of pollen by choosing silk flowers as an alternative.
5. Freedom of Choice
 With silk and real touch flowers, your favorite flower is always available. Plus, if your bloom of choice is a seasonal one, you can avoid paying sky high prices to get your favorite flower when it is out of season.
6. Endless Color Possibilities
Your wedding colors may not match up with the natural flowers you like. For example, while you may love the idea of blue roses or champagne colored hydrangea neither of these flowers grow in those colors. Instead of settling for a different or for dyed flower (which almost always look unnatural) silks can save the day again. Most artificial flowers are available in a variety colors and shades you desire. You will likely have easy time finding the combination you envisioned in a silk or real touch flower.
7. Silks Are Green
Believe it or not, silk flowers are an environmentally friendly choice. To prevent waste, they can be passed along to another family member, or taken apart to create vase arrangements and wreaths for your home. Silks are also pesticide free. Many flower growers use chemical pesticides to protect plants from invasive insect species. These chemicals also endanger native bee colonies that are essential to the health of the environment and future flower populations.
8. No Unwelcome Surprises
No matter how we try to avoid it, even the best florist will admit that sometimes flower or greenery substitutions are necessary. Getting a client exactly what he or she really wants is of utmost importance to a good florist. While professional florists work closely with skilled flower growers to ensure the product is available, even the best of the best cannot control Mother Nature. It is near impossible to guarantee the exact shade, size, of the flowers because it all depends on the crop. The pale pink roses you ordered may have deepened a shade or two because of natural factors. The fully opened peonies you requested may just not have grown fast enough. With silk flowers, what you see is what you get. There is no question of how well the flowers grew, how much sun they did or didn’t get.
9. Silks Can Ease Stress
 Because silk flowers can be purchased well in advance, they can lighten your stress load when planning for your big day. You can order as early as you like and store them until the wedding giving yourself one less thing to focus on or worry about.
10. Silk and Real Touch Flowers Are Beautiful
Last and certainly not least, artificial flowers are just as lovely as fresh flowers — if not more so when you consider all of the other reasons to love them. Silks have come a long way in recent years, so far in fact that they are mistaken for fresh cut flowers more often than one would think. There are so many life-like options available including real touch flowers that even feel like the real thing. A skilled floral designer knows just how to arrange silk flowers to give them the appearance of fresh flowers. They know how their natural counterparts grow and move. They can shape the stems and blossoms so keenly that only a true flower expert would be able to tell them apart from natural flowers.
Thank you for reading. I hope you’ve been inspired by the beauty of silks.
 All floral designs and photos by Posies & Pearls. All rights reserved.


The world of floral design is an ever evolving one. In the 12 years that I have been designing, I have always found it exciting to watch trends develop as time passes. Some elements of design seem to be in constant flux, while others seem to morph from one to another gradually. For example, you may have noticed that types of flowers and color schemes seem to go in and out of fashion fairly quickly. What you may not have noticed is that two other elements of design — shape and dimension — experience a much slower metamorphosis.
For the greater part of this century, the classic round bouquet has taken center stage as the modern look. Nearly every other bouquet shape was viewed as dated and passe. That excluded a variety of shapes from cascades, to teardrops, to crescent bouquets. Over the last two years, it has become clear that these elegant and romantic styles are making a comeback; specifically the cascade and its recently popular equivalent, the freeform. Bouquets rich in abundance of mixed blooms, berries, and greenery are once again shining brightly. So when I first considered adding a few new bouquets to the bridal shop, the now modern freeform shape was exactly what came to mind.
 This beauty is overflowing with lush open roses, refined lilies, dainty hydrangea and sweet peas, noble irises, and whimsical freesia. Silvery green leaves surround the blooms adding softness and texture.
 Shades of blush pink, periwinkle blue, white, and lime green make this an ideal choice for a spring or summer event.Supple white and blue satin surrounds the stems in a French-knotted pattern and the stems are exposed for that fresh-cut appeal.

A coordinating boutonniere for the groom completes the look.

I hope you love this one has much as I do. I mean…just look at those pink roses! To die for!!
There are endless possibilities to consider with a freeform or cascade bouquet. You can choose any color or combination of colors. A varied mixture of flowers can be incorporated or it can be narrowed to a select few. The shape can be altered so that it is symmetrical or asymmetrical. Size can vary from delicate and petite to large and stylishly dramatic. Contact me anytime to discuss your custom wedding flowers. I look forward to it! 

Thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.


When designing my newest bouquet for the shop I envisioned something simple yet versatile, so that it could be personalized to coordinate with any wedding color scheme. The first flower that came to mind to suit such a bouquet was the hydrangea. I am always on the lookout for high quality silk flowers and over the years have found a remarkable selection of natural-looking silk hydrangea. I decided to pair this lovely flower with a collar of hydrangea leaves and a classic satin stem wrap. The completed design is just what I had hoped — elegant, timeless, and perfect for any style of event from casual to formal.So without further adieu, I would like to introduce the “Grace” Bouquet and Boutonniere.
This beauty is available in nearly two dozen different color options. Further customization can also be requested in terms of size, combining multiple colors of hydrangea into one bouquet, or by selecting a custom color for the stem wrap. Grace makes an ideal bridal or bridesmaid bouquet and arrives with a matching boutonniere for the groom or groomsmen.

Be sure to visit the bridal shop for all 23 available colors and don’t forget — if you still don’t see your ideal color, contact me and I will be happy to help.

As always, thank you for reading,

Put a Bow on It

 While many couples choose to have a theme for their big day, themes are certainly not a “must do”. If a themed event is just not your cuppa tea, you may still like to select one subtle detail that (pun intended) ties everything together and bows can be the perfect finishing touch.There is just something about bows! Sweet, simple, elegant, neat, classic, and without a doubt — timeless. Bows will never be dated or passé. They can enhance anything and everything from the invitations, to the wedding party attire, to the cake.

One of the many elements that can set the tone for the wedding is the bridal gown. Whether the gown is formal or casual, gilded with intricate detail or simple and unadorned, a beautiful bow can always work into the design. So whether you prefer to wear them at the front, side, or back of the gown, bows are wonderful additions that add personality to the bride’s ensemble.
Left: Gown by Igor Gulyaev via Be Modish, Right: via Every Last Detail
I love the simple, yet striking back on these blush pink dresses. How pleased would a bridesmaid be to wear this lovely dress as she shares in your special day?
Bows can also be a charming hair accessory. Look how beautifully this dainty bow works into the bridal veil.
Whether you prefer to wear comfy flats or sleek stilettos, bows accents on bridal or bridesmaid shoes are just darling! 
(Right: Ballet Flats by BHLDN, Photography Meredith Perdue, via ModWedding
Left: Silver Heels Photography Steve Steinhardt, Source Style Me Pretty)
Remember, bows are not just for the ladies. The groom can’t go wrong with a dashing bow tie. This classic choice is versatile and chic — not to mention, bow ties blend seamlessly into both casual and black tie menswear.
(Left: Wedding Chicks, Right: Tuxedo by Ralph Lauren Black Label, Photography Lilian Haidar, Source Brides)
Bow can also be a smart addition to another wedding essential, taking wedding invitations from plain to perfection.
Smooth satin bows (in your wedding colors) can elegantly trim the pews or chairs lining the aisle for the ceremony.
(Source: Style Me Pretty, Photo by Caught the Light)

Also seen here: Back Beauty

Lastly, this scrumptious wedding cake is skillfully finished with a fondant bow which can be tinted to any color and gracefully draped across the tiers.

Cake by I Do! Wedding Cakes, Photography Debra Eby
Source Style Me Pretty Canada

No matter how you choose to incorporate it, something as simple as a bow can become a reflection all of the thought you have put into making your day unforgettable.As always, thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.

The Quality of Being Simple

 While I love to delve into the details when designing a new item, there is much to be said about keeping things simple.
Simplicity: freedom from complexity or division into parts; sincerity, naturalness.
Simplicity allows me to appreciate quality foundation materials for a new design because there is nothing to distract from their own innate beauty.
When deciding to add new custom sashes to the shop, I considered many different embellishments but for some reason an unadorned length of satin had me preoccupied. Beautifully thick, matte satin — no seams or pleating, no lace, pearls, or crystals, not a single flower. I could just picture the soft ivory fabric fashioned into a neat bow or adorned with an heirloom brooch. I imagined the luxurious effect the flowing satin will create as it drapes and glides with movement. In my mind, this simple satin sash would be perfect.
These lovelies are available in a choice of both length and width, offering the perfect fit for anyone and to suit any style. See all of the available options in my shop. You can even contact me to discuss further possibilities if you don’t see your ideal measurements listed. In fact, I just finished working on a ten foot long sash for a new client. I loved her idea of having it taper in width from three inches at the center to seven inches at the ends. I’m so happy I had the chance to work with Holly — the sash is going to look incredible when she wears it on her big day!
Thank you for reading,

10 Splendid Wedding Cakes

A wedding cake may not be the first item on a couple’s checklist when planning their wedding, but it could be a wonderful jumping off point for the overall style of the event. Today, I would like to share twelve different wedding cake ideas and each is inspired by a month of the year. Each could also be modified to your favorite colors and sized to suit your wedding.
For a January wedding, shining silver details create wintery ambiance. An elegant combination of white and silver tiers accented with sugar dragees, intricate piping, and a single rose makes this cake ideal for a winter wonderland wedding.
A February wedding does not have to mean a Valentine’s Day theme with cupids, hearts, and red roses. Contrasting shades of pink make an bold impact on this stacked tier cake. Lovely ruffled flower details cascade across the cake with romantic flair. What could be better?
 In March, when winter draws to a close (here in the northern hemisphere), I think of the first blooms of spring that are beginning to appear and lavender is on my list of favorites. Creamy buttercream coated layers are wrapped with fresh lavender sprigs to create a beautiful and fragrant trim for the cake — proving that simplicity can surely make a big impact.
A wedding in April is the perfect time to celebrate cherry blossom season. This exquisite wedding cake features impeccably pristine fondant covered tiers. Dark brown branches are draped with fluffy pink cherry blossoms and soft green leaves. Each of them is carefully handmade and arranged across the tiers in a graceful and memorable display.
Lily of the valley are the flower for the month of May. Here, the additional decorations are kept to a minimum. Smooth fondant icing and simple beaded piping allow the handmade lilies to take their place in the spotlight.
 Pearls and roses are synonymous with June as they are the official birthstone and flower for the month. Consider this cake design with its beautiful lace trim and perfectly placed roses. Both can be tinted to match your wedding colors and the top tier, which is completely wrapped with strands of edible pearls, will surely make a lasting impression!
In July, celebrate the abundance of fresh summer fruit with a berry covered wedding cake. Bonus — blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are the perfect colors for my American friends, as well as those across the world from the United Kingdom, Norway, and France, to New Zealand and Australia (and many more) who are planning a patriotic themed wedding.
August peaches are the sweetest and so is this delectable cake! From the burlap and lace trim, to the soft ruffled fondant, delicate flowers, and glowing gold leaves, this remarkable confection features an ideal balance of rustic and refined elements. The darling marzipan peach at the top of the cake is a brilliant finishing touch!
{via Magnolia Rouge, Photos by BRC Photography)
 This tier cake is an ode to the sapphire blue color of the September birthstone. The hand-painted china pattern design could be made to match your very own or simply serve as inspiration. Either way — what a creative way to add something blue to your wedding reception!
For an October event, an autumn color palette offers an eye-catching look. Fresh flowers are a wonderful way to incorporate the wedding flowers into the cake display. An ombre effect, provided by an array of richly colored blooms, certainly takes this towering dessert to new heights!
The hue of the sunlight is unique to every season of the year, so why not take a hint from Mother Nature when planning your November wedding? This gold and champagne colored wedding cake with beautiful embossed trim and gum paste flowers gently glows with the warmth of the autumn sky.
Any time of the year is a great time to infuse natural elements into your affair. To celebrate December, a snowy white cake is highlighted with pine cones, cranberries, and dainty twigs; bringing hallmarks of the winter season right into the cake design.
{from The Perfect Palette}
Thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.