One of the most popular wedding colors is purple. Perhaps the reason that so many adore this color is for its sheer variety. Purple can favor the either the red or blue end of the spectrum, pleasing both those that prefer warmer and those that prefer cooler tones. Depending on the depth of color, it can be soft and subtle or rich and bold. As a result, the expansive gradient of shades that can happily consider themselves part of the purple color family can be made to suit any occasion or any season simply by altering the hue, saturation, or tone.Oftentimes, my process for designing a bouquet begins with a specific flower that I would like to feature. When considering a recent addition to the shop, I decided to let color lead the way. I knew I wanted to work with purple and wanted to showcase this brilliant color by blending a suite of different shades together. First, I selected lavender French tulips and combined them with violet hydrangea and freesia. The last piece of the puzzle was a less commonly known flower, called lisianthus. Although I love these beauties, I don’t get to work with them very often because finding quality silk lisianthus can be tricky. I was over the moon when I stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous stems I have seen! The icing on the cake — I had three lovely shades to choose from! Admittedly, it was a difficult choice and I was tempted to go with all three. After careful deliberation, I decided to go with the two shades that were polar opposites. The first is a pale, gentle tone — practically ivory in the center, deepening every so slightly towards the outer edges of the petals to a soft lilac shade. The second is a deep jewel tone — picture the richest amethyst you can imagine. Once I saw these next to the rest of the flowers, I knew they were the right choice. With that, the purple bouquet I imagined designing was ready to come to fruition!

Introducing the “Adoration” Bouquet and Boutonniere

Look at all of those variations in color!
Classic round shape with a touch of whimsy provided by the gracefully shaped ends of the freesia blooms.
This bouquet had to have a special stem wrap! The base is a thick blue-lavender satin. Ivory satin in a French-knotted pattern provides some contrast. The finishing touch is the violet colored satin which highlights the two sparkling rhinestone crystal accents and ties into sweet bows in the back.

Every bouquet is only complete with the addition of a boutonniere. The “Adoration” boutonniere features the violet colored freesia and hydrangea, accented with greenery, and wrapped with the blue-lavender and violet satin.

Whether it be lilac or lavender, violet or amethyst, wisteria or orchid, plum or aubergine — there are countless options to choose from! What’s your favorite shade of purple? Share yours in the comment section below.

Thank you for reading!


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