That feeling you have when you just love something — immediately.  You can’t quite put your finger on what specifically makes this “thing” so special. Simply put, you are enamored. That is the feeling I had the moment I began putting these flowers together. On their own, each of these flowers is certainly attractive.
But what is it about the bouquet that makes it so remarkable?
Is it the color?
 Elegant ivory, highlighted with lime green, and rich magenta.
Is it the flowers?
 Lush cymbidium orchids, deeply petaled ranunculus, and soft clusters of hydrangea.
Is it the shape?
 Classic round, densely packed.
Is it the finishing touches?
Let’s not forget the silky smooth satin stem wrap and the fresh-cut appeal of the exposed stems (each of which is perfectly manicured to continue the clean lines of the bouquet).

You decide. Introducing the “Enamored Bouquet and Boutonniere Set”

The “Enamored” Bouquet
For me, it has to be all of these elements which have come together in a bouquet that is crisp, bright, and elegant.

So, perhaps it isn’t just one element that makes you love so completely, but a unique combination of elements that speaks to your style and who you are. A combination that makes this new love undeniably unforgettable.Thank you for reading!


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