The Quality of Being Simple

 While I love to delve into the details when designing a new item, there is much to be said about keeping things simple.
Simplicity: freedom from complexity or division into parts; sincerity, naturalness.
Simplicity allows me to appreciate quality foundation materials for a new design because there is nothing to distract from their own innate beauty.
When deciding to add new custom sashes to the shop, I considered many different embellishments but for some reason an unadorned length of satin had me preoccupied. Beautifully thick, matte satin — no seams or pleating, no lace, pearls, or crystals, not a single flower. I could just picture the soft ivory fabric fashioned into a neat bow or adorned with an heirloom brooch. I imagined the luxurious effect the flowing satin will create as it drapes and glides with movement. In my mind, this simple satin sash would be perfect.
These lovelies are available in a choice of both length and width, offering the perfect fit for anyone and to suit any style. See all of the available options in my shop. You can even contact me to discuss further possibilities if you don’t see your ideal measurements listed. In fact, I just finished working on a ten foot long sash for a new client. I loved her idea of having it taper in width from three inches at the center to seven inches at the ends. I’m so happy I had the chance to work with Holly — the sash is going to look incredible when she wears it on her big day!
Thank you for reading,

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