Something that I’ve felt has been missing from my collection are centerpieces. Certainly not for lack of ideas or desire, but actually because there is so much to consider when designing them. There are the obvious elements such as type of flower, color, and style. But in addition, since many of my clients are ordering from other parts of the world, it is also very important to think about shipping the bouquets. The size, weight, and fragility of a centerpiece all need to be taken into account. I want to make sure that the arrangement arrives in the same condition it was when I made it and that the cost to ship is reasonable as well.
The design of my new tabletop arrangements took a bit of extra time to settle on but it was well worth the work. The life-like silk roses and hydrangea are available in a variety of colors (that’s 6 rose colors and 22 hydrangea colors to be exact) which can be selected to suit practically any color palette. The classic round shape keeps the bouquet modern and elegant. The container is crafted from natural burlap and pretty lace giving it a lovely vintage appeal. Plus, these beauties have a foam core, so that they remain lightweight and are not fragile. I would say that ticks all the boxes!
Introducing the Beloved Centerpieces
These centerpieces would work perfectly for engagement parties, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays — any celebration. Your guests will love to take them home as a memento of the day. The biggest decisions you’ll have to make will be what color combination to choose…and whom to seat at which table!
Thank you for reading. I hope you were inspired today.

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