I love that bouquets are trending towards cascading or free-flowing bohemian shapes this year. When deciding to add a new design to the shop, I knew I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity and stray from the classic round shape. I started with ruffled French tulips in a soft lavender color and accented the blooms with deeper violet colored freesia and hydrangea. While I liked the varied purple tones, I still felt the bouquet needed another vibrant color in order to really make a statement. The minute I placed a few hot pink ranunculus flowers into the mix, the entire bouquet seemed to come alive! A few green rose hip berries and feather-like spike ferns added shape and dimension. I deviated from the traditional ivory stem wrap and decided on a bold magenta color. A band of pretty lace at the base seemed like the perfect finishing touch. Introducing the “Radiance” bouquet and boutonniere set. I can’t wait to see which lucky couple get to carry these beauties on their big day!
 Just look at those colors! Bold and memorable!
Just as beautiful from the back.
A boutonniere any groom will be proud to wear!
I hope you’ve enjoyed getting a little insight into the design process for these arrangements.
Thank you for reading,

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