Small and White, Clean and Bright

If you are a fan of The Sound of Music (like I am), the title of this post probably has you thinking of a lovely star-shaped flower called edelweiss. I hope you are not disappointed, because today’s entry is all about another little flower that is a star in its own right — baby’s breath.
This charming wildflower (also called gypsophila) had been sorely overlooked for quite some time. Categorized as an inferior filler flower that was both dated and cheap, baby’s breath took a backseat to its trendier counterparts such as waxflower and limonium (commonly called misty blue). But a true classic always returns to the spotlight and baby’s breath has done just that! In recent years, a newer variety — appropriately called “Million Star”, has become especially sought after. With its softly refined texture, this gem within the filler flower world is vastly growing in popularity.

There are so many reasons to fall in love with baby’s breath. Famous for its sweet fragrance and dainty white blooms, gypsophila is certainly pleasing to the senses. Another part of the appeal is that it is suitable for any time of the year.  The light and airy, lace-like silhouette of gypsophila blends beautifully into spring or summer occasions. Its fluffy texture and snowy white color also make it ideal for winter weddings. Baby’s breath even dries well, making it just the right addition to an autumn event. (Speaking of dried flowers — consider asking your florist about turning your fresh wedding bouquet or boutonniere into a dried keepsake of your special day.) Need further convincing? This mighty little flower will also hold up remarkably well throughout the day without showing any major signs of wilting and it is versatile enough to be arranged into anything from bouquets, to wreaths, to hair adornments.

Let’s take a closer look at the many ways you can incorporate this lovely flower into your wedding or event.

1) A beautifully arranged bouquet for the bride or attendants: ModWedding via Rachel A. Clingen Wedding & Event Design
2) Simple and elegant boutonnieres wrapped with twine: Deer Pearl Flowers
Baby’s breath is an excellent choice if the bride or bridesmaids would like to wear flowers in their hair. Being naturally dainty and lightweight, the clusters of blooms will comfortably blend into a variety of hairstyles.
From the Left: 3) Wedding Chicks 4) Love Hair & Co. 5) The Budget Savvy Bride
6) Baby’s breath could also be fashioned into a pretty crown for the bride or flower girl: Elizabeth Anne Designs

7) Continue the baby’s breath theme with lush wreaths (Elizabeth Anne Designs) or 8) draped garlands (Style Me Pretty). They will add softness and visual interest to the ceremony and reception venues while also providing a subtle fragrance for everyone to enjoy.Whether your style is simple or dramatic, refined or rustic, or a combination — baby’s breath fits the bill.

9) Cottony soft pomanders could be used to decorate the aisle or reception chairs. They would also be darling accessories for the flower girls to carry. (Bodas).
10) For less formal approach, consider lining the aisle with tin buckets, barrels, or baskets. Fill them with bunches baby’s breath and in just a few minutes you have created a dreamy path for the newlyweds to travel.
(Hub Feature “18 DIY Wedding Decorations on a Budget”)
11) From charming mason jars (Green Villa Barn & Gardens) to
12) towering vases (Mod Wedding), gypsophila is also an outstanding choice for your centerpieces.
Lastly, don’t forget the dessert table! 13) A collar of blooms surrounding the cake (Wedding Mix)
or 14) alternative macaron (or cupcake or petit four) display (Agnes de Sucre / Photo by Melvyn Vincent) will take everyone’s breath away.

 Do keep in mind that while formerly thought of as an inexpensive flower, quality Million Star Baby’s Breath is currently the most expensive in the gypsophila family. Pricing really depends on season, location, and availability. Be sure to discuss options with your florist in plenty of time for the big day. Consider both your budget and the atmosphere you want to create. If your ideal setting is casual and relaxed, think about more traditional varieties such as “New Love” or “Party Time” baby’s breath. If you love the refined appearance of Million Star but the cost doesn’t suit you, think about using less expensive varieties for the big picture items such ceremony, reception, and cake decor. Save the Million Star for personal items such as your bridal bouquet or groom’s boutonniere.No matter how you decide to incorporate baby’s breath into your event, this little flower is sure to make a big statement!

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That feeling you have when you just love something — immediately.  You can’t quite put your finger on what specifically makes this “thing” so special. Simply put, you are enamored. That is the feeling I had the moment I began putting these flowers together. On their own, each of these flowers is certainly attractive.
But what is it about the bouquet that makes it so remarkable?
Is it the color?
 Elegant ivory, highlighted with lime green, and rich magenta.
Is it the flowers?
 Lush cymbidium orchids, deeply petaled ranunculus, and soft clusters of hydrangea.
Is it the shape?
 Classic round, densely packed.
Is it the finishing touches?
Let’s not forget the silky smooth satin stem wrap and the fresh-cut appeal of the exposed stems (each of which is perfectly manicured to continue the clean lines of the bouquet).

You decide. Introducing the “Enamored Bouquet and Boutonniere Set”

The “Enamored” Bouquet
For me, it has to be all of these elements which have come together in a bouquet that is crisp, bright, and elegant.

So, perhaps it isn’t just one element that makes you love so completely, but a unique combination of elements that speaks to your style and who you are. A combination that makes this new love undeniably unforgettable.Thank you for reading!

10 Modern Centerpieces

When thinking of centerpieces for your wedding or event, traditional floral arrangements are probably the first to spring to mind. There is a great deal to be said for these time honored classics, but here are some attractive alternatives may inspire you to step outside the realm of traditional and into the limitless possibilities that can make your table-scapes even more memorable and unique.
1) Let’s begin with a transitional piece. Include shining silver spheres and platters overflowing with fresh fruit that are as delicious to look at as they are to eat. Scatter some colorful flowers throughout to keep the tradition of floral centerpieces alive, while creating a carefree and relaxed atmosphere. 
(via Burnetts Boards, photo by Julia Winkler)
2) An elegant grouping of tapered candles brightens up the table while keeping the look clean and simple. Mix up the heights of the candle holders, add hurricane glass cylinders, and pop in a few votive candles to polish the look.
(via Colin Cowie Weddings, photo by Tory Williams Wedding Photography)
3) Let lanterns light the way. There are countless shapes, sizes, and colors available — you should have no trouble finding just the right lanterns to highlight your tables. 
(via The Wedding Chicks, photo by Emily Steffen)
If you are a true flower lover (like me) you probably won’t want to leave flowers completely out of the picture. These next two ideas might suit your fancy.

4) Adding natural elements such as birch bark-covered vases will give new life to petite bouquets of flowers. Arranging three smaller pieces into a grouping infuses a healthy dose of the modern touch.
(via Pinterest)
5) A floral wreath takes traditional beauty to new heights, but it’s low profile will keep your guests happily conversing — without ever struggling to see one another from opposite sides a towering centerpiece.
(via Sweet Paul Magazine, photo by Alexandra Grablewski and Paul Vitale)
6) When planning a nautical inspired wedding, bring the treasures if the sea right to the table. Consider filling large cylinder vases with sand, seashells, and colorful (faux) corals. 
(via Happy Wed)
7) Harvest time provides a wealth of unique materials to dress up your table-scape. This simple yet striking bouquet of dried wheat provides a natural and rustic effect. These centerpieces can even be made well ahead of time giving you some extra free time before big event. 
(from, via Sprout Flowers)

8) This bountiful arrangement will bring back fond memories of pumpkin picking season. Be creative — begin by placing autumn leaves or greenery (as shown below) to form a backdrop, then choose a variety of sizes and shapes to add visual interest.
(via The Glamorous Housewife)
These final two ideas will awaken your guests’ senses when they see, smell, and touch the fresh pine centerpieces you’ve selected! 

9) Sparkling mercury glass containers filled with a mixture of long-needle pine, cedar, and noble fir are sure to please. A cluster of flocked pine cones will have your guests dreaming of cozy snow days.  
(via Stone Gable)
10) Make the centerpiece into a gift that will last a lifetime. Small potted pine trees are a perfect winter or Christmastime centerpiece. You can keep them sweet and natural as shown here, or you can decorate them to coordinate with your wedding theme or color palette. When the night is over, a lucky guest from each table can take this darling tree home to be planted in their garden. They’ll enjoy watching it grow and will remember what a wonderful time they shared with you every time the look at it. 
(via The Wedding Chicks, photo by Pat Furey Photography)
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Back Beauty

 My plan for today was to gather a few chair decor ideas. Seems simple enough, right? Once I began searching, I came to realize that like seating arrangements, chair decor can actually become quite the daunting task. It is easy to be swept up in the countless types of materials that can be used to create a variety of effects, and the numerous ways to arrange these materials. Although chair decor is one of the many ways to infuse your personality into the event, it may not be where you had planned investing a large portion of your wedding budget.
So, where to start? First, consider whether you prefer to spruce up all of the chairs or only those at the sweetheart and main tables. If the former fits the bill, then you may consider a more minimalist approach. You can moderate the cost by ordering materials in bulk. Keeping the design simple will save time and unnecessary stress if you have decided to make this a DIY project.

Rustic meets refined with a layered burlap and lace wrap.
(Source: Elegant Wedding Invites)

 A simple and elegant satin bow in your wedding color(s) lends a sophisticated touch.
(Source: Style Me Pretty, Photo by Caught the Light)
Planning a winter wedding? Drape the sweetheart chairs with cozy knit blankets to add texture and warmth to the setting. Keep them as a lasting memento of your wedding day!
(Source: Wedding Chicks)
If a more luxurious look best suits your wedding, you may consider some fresh flowers for the bride and groom’s chairs.
Fresh cut roses, ranunculus, waxflower, jasmine, seeded eucalyptus, and ferns that are arranged into a floral swag make a lovely and fragrant statement.
(Source: Bridal Musings)
A combination of orchid leis, starfish, raffia, and palms is the perfect touch for a tropical or beach wedding.
 Ask your florist about adding chair decor to your order. He or she can custom design and arrange the sprays or garlands as well as set them up on the big day — saving you time and stress.
 If flowers aren’t really your heart’s desire the right fabric can be just as romantic.
This luxurious look is created by weaving fabric through the back of the chairs. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, colors, and patterns to customize the perfect look to coordinate with you event. (Source: Maui’s Angels)
I hope these six ideas have provided some inspiration for your wedding. Thank you for reading!


One of the most popular wedding colors is purple. Perhaps the reason that so many adore this color is for its sheer variety. Purple can favor the either the red or blue end of the spectrum, pleasing both those that prefer warmer and those that prefer cooler tones. Depending on the depth of color, it can be soft and subtle or rich and bold. As a result, the expansive gradient of shades that can happily consider themselves part of the purple color family can be made to suit any occasion or any season simply by altering the hue, saturation, or tone.Oftentimes, my process for designing a bouquet begins with a specific flower that I would like to feature. When considering a recent addition to the shop, I decided to let color lead the way. I knew I wanted to work with purple and wanted to showcase this brilliant color by blending a suite of different shades together. First, I selected lavender French tulips and combined them with violet hydrangea and freesia. The last piece of the puzzle was a less commonly known flower, called lisianthus. Although I love these beauties, I don’t get to work with them very often because finding quality silk lisianthus can be tricky. I was over the moon when I stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous stems I have seen! The icing on the cake — I had three lovely shades to choose from! Admittedly, it was a difficult choice and I was tempted to go with all three. After careful deliberation, I decided to go with the two shades that were polar opposites. The first is a pale, gentle tone — practically ivory in the center, deepening every so slightly towards the outer edges of the petals to a soft lilac shade. The second is a deep jewel tone — picture the richest amethyst you can imagine. Once I saw these next to the rest of the flowers, I knew they were the right choice. With that, the purple bouquet I imagined designing was ready to come to fruition!

Introducing the “Adoration” Bouquet and Boutonniere

Look at all of those variations in color!
Classic round shape with a touch of whimsy provided by the gracefully shaped ends of the freesia blooms.
This bouquet had to have a special stem wrap! The base is a thick blue-lavender satin. Ivory satin in a French-knotted pattern provides some contrast. The finishing touch is the violet colored satin which highlights the two sparkling rhinestone crystal accents and ties into sweet bows in the back.

Every bouquet is only complete with the addition of a boutonniere. The “Adoration” boutonniere features the violet colored freesia and hydrangea, accented with greenery, and wrapped with the blue-lavender and violet satin.

Whether it be lilac or lavender, violet or amethyst, wisteria or orchid, plum or aubergine — there are countless options to choose from! What’s your favorite shade of purple? Share yours in the comment section below.

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Autumn Inspiration 2015

 It may be still be summer here in the northern hemisphere, but I am thinking of autumn. It is the height of the season for planning end of the year weddings, and I am dreaming of these crisp weather events.
Today’s feature is a muted autumn color palette. These soft colors bring to mind the weeks of late November when autumn begins to make way for the transition into winter. The time of year when brightly colored fall foliage gently fades to neutral tones of mocha, rust, cinnamon, mushroom, sage, and bronze. The landscape becomes more sparsely packed and days grow shorter as nature prepares to head towards the brisk winter season.
While perhaps not typically thought of as exciting, a muted or neutral color scheme is in fact far from dull and drab. With the right vision, these subtle hues can bring just as much impact as more traditionally thought of fall tones — especially when brought to new heights with the addition of brilliant gold!

(clockwise from the top right)
1. Simple and elegant wedding invitations featuring a glorious, dimensional gold leaf pattern are a lovely starting point for an autumn wedding. (Designed by Made Divine)
2. Miniature pumpkins transform into glamorous accents with a coat of gilded gold paint. They can serve as decor for the ceremony and reception. At the end of the night, your guests will have a charming memento to bring to their own homes for the remainder of the season. (via Swank Productions)
3. A beautifully detailed, nature inspired wedding cake takes an autumn event to the next level. With its wood grain patterned tiers and accents of marzipan leaves and acorns, this cake is sure to make an impression at the reception.
4. Channel some understated beauty with a unique centerpiece. These DIY arrangements feature sparkling hurricane glass, centered with a tall pillar candle, and surrounded by natural oak leaves. They can be set up a few weeks ahead of the event to save time when the big day approaches.
5. Elegant table settings begin with gold charger plates. Top them with simple cream colored china, and fresh linens. A single autumn leaf tied to each napkin with suede or velvet trim completes the look. (Source: BHG)
6. A dreamy fresh flower bouquet of Gerbera daisies, roses, wheat, protea, and seeded eucalyptus for the bride and bridesmaids. Soft autumn colors allow the beauty of each flower to shine through and a taupe satin stem wrap is the perfect finishing touch. (Photo by Jules Bianchi Photographers)
7. To give the bride and groom a proper send off, consider tossing fallen leaves. It is a wonderful autumn alternative that pays tribute to the season and while remaining Eco-friendly.
I hope this collection inspires some blissful dreams of autumn. Thank you for reading!

Blush Pink

If time allowed, I could spend several hours breezing through images of the wedding section on Pinterest. There are countless pins of gowns, bridal bouquets, ceremony settings, hair style, and photography ideas.

Today I’m focused on what has become the strongest color story of the year — the glorious, the versatile, the one and only….Blush Pink!
This remarkable aisle lined with tall cherry blossoms and lush hydrangeas took my breath away! Can you imagine walking under this display?
 More and more we are seeing a trend towards bridal gowns that are not the traditional white or ivory. This blush pink wedding gown, sprinkled with handmade flowers is absolutely dreamy!
 This blush pink bridesmaid’s bouquet comes to life with the addition of deeper shades of pink and a touch of silvery dusty miller.
Stunning floral centerpieces of hydrangea, Gilly flower, and roses, surrounded by glowing candlelight.
It’s all in the details! This elegant wedding cake trimmed with ruffles and pale pink peonies is delectably feminine and fresh!

Wishing you an inspiring Sunday! Thank you for reading.
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Cherry Blossoms: Olivia Couture, Bridal Gown: Olga Vystoskaya Photography, Bridesmaid’s Bouquet: Erica Delgado Photography
Floral Centerpiece: Ester Sun Photography,